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Aronia Arbutifolia, ¡the great deciduous shrub that has it all!

Aronia Arbutifolia

  • ¡The great deciduous shrub that has it all!
  • It has fruits for birds, nectar for insects, wildlife cover and the beauty of several seasons.
  • Its clusters of white to light pink flowers in spring provide plenty of nectar for pollinating insects.
  • Its flowers give rise to clusters of bright red fruit that matures in late summer and persists during the winter.
  • Its bright foliage turns bright scarlet red in autumn, making it an excellent alternative to the non-native burning shrub (Euonymus alatus).
  • Aronia Arbutifolia is native to wet and dry scrub in eastern North America.
  • This plant is also known as Sorbus Arbutifolia, Pyrus Arbutifolis or Photinia Pirifolia. 

Aronia Arbutifolia

Advantages of the Aronia Arbutifolia


  • Compact plant for an excellent hedge and in turn provides cover for wildlife.
  • The red chokeberry has elliptical to oblong leaves that are a bright dark green above and pubescent greyish green below.
  • The foliage turns bright red in autumn and compares favorably with the burning bush (Euonymus alatus) for excellence in fall color.
  • It has an abundant amount of bright fruit, much required in the late season by birds.
  • Its prolific flowers provide nectar in spring for butterflies and birds or pollinating insects.
  • Tolerant to a wide range of conditions, including wet or poor soils.

Aronia Arbutifolia

Growth and maintenance tips


  • Variety of Aronia easy to grow in well-drained soils with medium humidity, either in full sun or partial shade.
  • It adapts correctly to all types of soil, including boggy or dry soils.
  • The best fruit production is usually produced in full sun.
  • You should remove the buds from the root if you don’t want the plants to disperse into colonies.
  • They are very tolerant plants that will grow almost anywhere.
  • You must prune it as needed either in late winter or after the plants bloom in spring; pruning at any time will reduce fruit production in autumn.
  • This variety of Aronia Arbutifolia Cultivars needs space to develop properly but can be kept under control with training pruning.
  • Its spread occurs from root softwood cuttings in summer.
  • They are commonly attacked by leaf stains and oxyde.

Aronia Arbutifolia

Aronia Cultivars

Commercially important cultivars in Europe and the United States include Nero, Rubina, Viking, Hugin, Galicjanka, Hakkija, Honnen, Kurkumacki, Serina, Morton and McKenzie.Cultivars such as Melanocarpa (commercial use of berries), and Prunifolia (ornamental use), are of great importance.

Video about Aronia Arbutifolia Cultivars


Below I leave you a pear video that you can appreciate in detail the characteristics of this beautiful deciduous shrub that has it all.

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